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If you haven’t already,

Please follow me on tumblr at The Wretched Hollow! I never use WordPress any more, and tumblr is much easier to manage! Thanks! xXx Advertisements

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Eating Words.

So just recently I had a go at my friend Rob for using Blogspot rather than WordPress. Now, however, after trying THRICE to upload a multitude of beautiful new pictures to the Page “People Watching” and it subsequently not working [THRICE], … Continue reading

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Has you seen these btw? Haz Poz fans?

I already have two copies of each book I think save the last one – but has anyone seen these beauts yet? They’ve been out a while, and I bloody love them. That is all . C xx

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A Latenight Talk About Pansexuality

Apologies for the lack of contact recently loads of things have been happening and aside from applying for jobs – yawn – and preparing my MA – yawn – and managing my finances – help – it is midnight and … Continue reading

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Hellooo everyone. Had a momentary lapse of sanity. Apologies. The price I pay is a disabled facebook account. Hopefully it should be sorted in a couple of days. Fucking Facebook. On a more disquieting note that isn’t at all disquieting … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time…

… I selected my lovers for their power and their influence, but it did no harm if they were good-looking. Did I ever become fond of a lover? Not once. I could not keep my servants, either. What the fuck happened … Continue reading

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A Very Boring E-Postcard!

Bear in mind – no postcards as I left it too late and they’d get home after me, and I could barely see a thing throughout the whole thing due t my laptop being unplugged. Poor quality is down t … Continue reading

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