Eating Words.

So just recently I had a go at my friend Rob for using Blogspot rather than WordPress.

Now, however, after trying THRICE to upload a multitude of beautiful new pictures to the Page “People Watching” and it subsequently not working [THRICE], I have decided to give up on WordPress (with regards to my drawings) and I think I might go and DELETE THEM ALL so they’re not here anymore. So annoying, it took me ages and to no fucking avail. It just wouldn’t work. So Rob laughed at me .

Anyway, I care not that it won’t work – instead I shall keep WordPress for the WORDS (whether exciting or banal) (lol, b anal) and have as such moved now TO TUMBLR.

It annoys me it doesn’t have an ‘e’.

And I have started a new project for it – which involves posting up ONE CHARACTER FROM HIS DARK MATERIALS PER DAY . And I mean every character. I have that wonderful book that tells you everything, and obviously have the books as well, so hopefully will do it chronologically with regard to who comes when in the books.

I hope you enjoy it – and if you have tumblr already, please follow me there from now on!

I am in the process of sorting something of a portfolio out on there as well. Any drawings I do vaguely will be put up there – YES I finally have a scanner as well!


So I’ll be seeing you, I guess!

Once I start my MA I’ll get back with some academic essays (unless something comes along beforehand) LOVEFLOVE xXx


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