Hellooo everyone. Had a momentary lapse of sanity. Apologies. The price I pay is a disabled facebook account. Hopefully it should be sorted in a couple of days.

Fucking Facebook.

On a more disquieting note that isn’t at all disquieting but I just like the word disquieting – I have now added two pages for the ‘Words’ section of my blog, as I have decided to keep two forms of my writing separate: the Absurd abstractities of my mind that meander into the realms of disturbing imagination (thought sometimes it is merely fluffy) – and the serious realm of academia and what I believe is important and proper to look at, study, learn about and discuss.

So please check them out if ever you fancy it (though I appreciate that reading is not quite so popular as it once was). They will obviously be updated as soon as I get stuff organised!

Unfortunately now it’s only my twitter folk like THIS RASSOLE who will be notified of my new blog – so I hope that some diehard fans who actually check my blog without prompt can forward this to friends etc.

If I get my account back on Facebook I shall go over all of my friends and make a list of them. An address book of sorts. Etc. Boring. I will never invest so much life in anything ever again, cept this blog.

OH MY GOD ON A TRULY MORE DISQUIETING NOTE – I am re-watching a film that the wonderful Nora-Jane Noone features in called The Magdalene Sisters. Please go and watch it. Right now. As I am. It raises many a question regarding those more corrupt realms of the Church. I’d post a video about it. Instead have a picture. This evil nun is evil.

Hope you’re all as well as I am, if not much, much weller. Love C xXx


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