Hogwarts Map update

Hellooo! [spoiler: no pitchas, sorry!] I am blogging today [after a bit of a dry spell for which I apologise] from a beautiful villa situated on a hill above Port de Pollenca in the north end of Mallorca, in Las Islas Baleares [España]. There are lovely views of the sea, the mountains, and the surrounding [hundreds of] villas. I’ll put some photos up soon. First and foremost however, just a quickie:

Over the past few days I’ve been noticing on the stats page that the most visited part of my blog [recently] has been the Hogwarts Map. I know I’m supposed to be on holiday but this relaxes me, as well as the warm sea air etc. So – for those of you who are trying to Map the castle themselves [I’m sure I can’t be the only one] I wanted to make a couple things clear:

1. The Hogwarts depicted is a mishmash of the Hogwarts in the films, the games and the books. As an example of this, it will depict the Astronomy Tower above the Middle Courtyard as in the films, it will depict a number of corridors and stairwells depicted mainly in the games, and it will also depict features of Hogwarts from only the books such as the swivelling staircase.

2. As well as this, I have obviously to put my own mark on the map. As such, having been to a school and college both of which obsessed by historical figures, I have added my own nods to famous witches and wizards. I have renamed the Clock Tower the Orloj Tower, after the clockface it is based upon. Similarly, the Astronomy Tower is now Gorsemoor Tower, after Gunhilda of Gorsemoor, whose statue sits at the base of the tower, at the bottom of the Defence Against the Dark Arts staircase.

3. It is a very slow process! I have been going very slowly through every possible source so I know where things are and how to place them correctly. What doesn’t help of course is the MOST DRASTIC change that the most recent film has made, namely the destruction of the Grand Staircase for the [proper] Marble Staircase. Now, rather than moving stairs, there is just one gigantic marble staircase going upwards. Whilst this will potentially make mapping easier, there appears to be a number of stairs off the main one… So again, this complicates things a little. So too does the adding of a tiny court at the base of Ravenclaw tower – which I’m guessing must be a rooftop court above the Quad.

4. Anyway, anyway, anyway, enough of my rambles. This is just to let you know that I am aware of your constant checkbacks, invisible internet obsessors over Hogwarts. And I am working forward, I’ll put something up this week.

Nb. The reason there is nothing written on the Orloj Tower in the current map is because its first floor corresponds wi the rest of the Castle’s third [or so I can gather]

Once I’ve done the writing down where everything is part, I’ll begin drawing the map from scratch with walls and staircases included.

Anyway hope that’s all good for you. I’ll do a video blog at some point this week so you can see all that I can see of this beaut view .

Loads of love, C xXx


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