I kid you not. [Rage]

Those of you who cannot understand nor appreciate the horrors of addiction are actually making me feel contempt [see angry picture above] . Cheers for that . Ruin my soul as well as your own . Think Winehouse is dead? Yeah, she’s joined the 27 Club but she’s alive in each and every one of us. Think those in Norway, or Somalia, or Texas are more dead? They live on just as much, in us talking about them, willing the world to become better, as said the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, with ‘more democracy, more openness, more humanity.’

You lot though.. it appears you are dead already.

I was harrowed by the death of Amy Winehouse. What harrows me more however, is the love some people are not getting in touch with. In some previously read statements made over facebook and twitter I am seeing some truly hateful things; it is utterly shameful. To will to acknowledge that someone who was loved by a mother, a father, a family and friends, and countless others who were touched by her amazing music, has lost all chances of being what she once was, is the least you can do. If you can’t understand that, all I can do is apologise on your behalf, and hope that one day you might appreciate everything that you have. If the worst part of your life is having to endure people mourning a celebrated singer, then you must be pretty fucking lucky.

C xXx


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