A List of Birthday Pres- Demands.

I can hear your utter outrage! How dare one post a LIST of PRESENTS wanted for a birthday?! IT’S SCANDELOUS .

Well yes, it is, and I’m not really going to do that, of course. It’s just a very quick post because all I really want is this book. If you’d like to get it to me, please do. Alternatively, any book by Haruki Murakami that isn’t Kafka on the Shore (FINALLY finished: was a WONDERFUL ending but jesus the last bit dragged on a bit), Sputnik Sweetheart (we all know this is my absolute favourite) or Norwegian Wood (which now I’ve started and am enjoying – perhaps I should just put on the video though, yeah better.)

Alternatively the following two books’d be nice also: Rivers of London and it’s sequel Moon over Soho, by Ben Aaronovich.

But anyway, anyway, anyway – what I really wanted to say was that – gasp – I actually know someone (though I don’t really like them very much anymore as they just constantly started arguments with EVERYONE even their best friends, hence, they no longer have many) who used to post on… Myspace it was, at the time, a list of birthday presents! Birthday demands, more like it! And they had a big party and you had to come with a present and it HAD to be off the list! But it was so awful of course – imagine if you got something the same as someone else! But no, I thought – considering it’s my twenty-first I’d like to express the interest I have in reading the book[sorry, books] I linked above, and there is a very good story as to why.

Tending the Heart of Virtue was suggested to me, today, by Dr. Anna Abram, the Head of Social and Pastoral Studies at Heythrop, during my interview for my MA in Contemporary Ethics.

And I’d like to tell you all that I got iiin! She said, and I quote: ‎”I can tell you absolutely and today that I would be very happy to offer you a place next year doing MA Contemporary Ethics”.

I’n’t that LOVEERLY . We had a really good conversation about moral imagination, which is fantastic. I reckon if people could do a course focusing on Narrative Ethics, they’d choose it! I suggested this t her but she doesn’t think it has much interest – what d the rest of you think? But hooray, I’m in. Very happy.

Now I just need to go and sign on.

Please click that link, I can’t embed it but it amuses me – C xXx

Ps – Sorry no Pitchas today, I am on my home innernet stick [back in LDN] and as such pictures don’t work properly on it and go all pixely (even, I think, if I save them, then upload them here) (unless I’ve already got them on the PC, in which case I can upload them fine) (but I like to Google them whilst I write . Probably illegal as I’ve never once cited where I’ve got them from and yet ask others ask me to use my pictures elsewhere . So apologies . But yeah . )

Look: my sister-at-six-years being very This is England (aka, first pic I saw when looking inside my PC for any amusing pitchas):


pps … This makes me laugh . A bit .



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  2. foolsmusings says:

    Congratulations Sir, Well Earned!!!

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