Quotes by a Secular Nun

Have you ever had a sudden moment of clarity, where you feel for instance a whole world of jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together suddenly in your mind?

[In looking at this page’s preview, I feel it needs a picture. So here you go!] 

ANYWAY, back to the task at hand: Imogen Heap is currently writing her second song for her fourth album, which is a collaboration of her music and has input from her fans. The first song was Lifeline – now she is asking her fans to:

“...share insightful moments that positively changed the course of your life on the for all to see and get me on my lyrical way. Could be a meeting of minds, passage in a book, an observation, idea or action.

She’s doing this through a ‘clarity cloud‘ where people can write 30 or less words on a moment that changed their lives. I submitted mine under the title “Quotes by a Secular Nun” and saying the following: “We all shape our lives to create a masterpiece,” and “Respect is about an understanding that every human being has a value and worth in and of themselves.” It was very difficult to form and took me about an hour to get the right words out; I spent quite a while wondering whether I ought to put about my views on virtue and value, and how I no longer believe in God but do in fact believe in many things the rest of the world do too like love and respect, justice and courage, wisdom and temperance etc. Thankfully I changed it – it was a little too preachy. I could too have relived a story about my Nan before she died, telling me that she was too young to die despite being seventy-eight, and that she still felt like an eleven-year-old girl inside. There are many things on the clarity cloud, all of which I’ve enjoyed reading.

Admittedly in my final post, I’m not doing what was asked in describing the moment that I heard her say these things, but those quotes certainly changed my life. The Nun in question is Sister Catherine Cowley ra, one of my primary influences after lecturing me in Christian Ethics in my first year of my BA (though I’m not too sure if she is strictly speaking to be described as ‘secular’). She was amazing though, and there were many more quotes than the above two. She truly inspired me, not only academically but also in terms of how to think, speak, analyse… know things. Be. How one ought to live, and constantly change, develop, grow and flourish.

So what significant occurances have changed your lives? Get yo asses to Imogen’s microsite and put them in – if she chooses them you can appear in the music video! It’s also nice just reading through the other clarity pieces others have written, and it’s such a connective way of making music, don’t you think?

Anyway, anyway, anyway. Sputnik Sweetheart is getting even more amazing, and seeing as we’re on Japan… See the following. Most hilarious owl ever.

That is all. Basically I need a good innernet connection all the time.



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