The ReVamp of the Wretched Hollow

Dear world,

I am very grateful for your existence, without whom I would be unable to compare things and know things and come to know other things and appreciate the things I cannot know. Or something. I feel like I’m trying to create a Wesleyan Quadrilateral.

ANYWAY. You might have noticed that everything has changed! And now – everything is much neater. Not as neat as it could be, but I’m scared of losing everything because the photos I have up are part of an external harddrive I have not here. So yes. This is just a quick post to say that everything’s changed now.

I will change it again in the future – and by change I mean add some bits such as ‘collected videos’ ‘other blogs I read’ and obviously update the projects that I’m working on [as they need it] BUT BE PATIENT.

For now, be happy to watch the following .

Oh God that’s disgusting, I am so sorry I put that there .




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3 Responses to The ReVamp of the Wretched Hollow

  1. K-R Bloom says:

    You just don’t expect the kitty to do that!

  2. Coram says:

    It is awful, I apologise . I love how the other cats genuinely stop and are like “wait – … Wait .. What? What’s he..? OH GOD .”

  3. K-R Bloom says:

    Up to that point, it was kinda cute to watch. I hope the kitty’s alright, though.

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