Ok so first off, I am not well. Forgive the ramblyness, and the shortness of this post. Also forgive that recently I’ve been rubbish at blogging. I will get better, I promise to you. I had a purge of some rubbish blogs yesterday. Anyway, anyway, anyway. Gaga has now released the following, mostly of her, just singing about some cliff she’s on . I don’t know, I forget. I like it – but I reckon the whole song could be a hella lot better if it weren’t trying so hard. Compare the following.

I think the softness is sooo much better in piáhno, and the voice of Juliet whateverhernameis is quite lovely.

Anyway, I digress. We all love ze Gaga, make no mistake. I think the video will grow on me, as all of hers do [for some reason I can only attribute to mind-control] but for the moment I must smack her bum and say NO lady gaga, it is NOT all about you. This was an OPPORTUNITY for us to see you as something more than self-absorbed! What wi your grandfather etc, that whole backstory. Your monsters WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU. And invest soul in you. More than we do already, anyway.

On a much more exciting note, there is a new HazPoz trailer:

Though… errr why do the Death Eaters have to destroy the Quidditch Pitch?! Is it one of Voldie’s all time hates, Quidditch? Does he think we need a better magical sport, like Muggle-baiting?

Also, in all fairness, the film has two main scenes: Gringotts and the Battle of Hogwarts. THE TRAILER BASICALLY GIVES US THIS . I need no more, it appears. I don’t even think I’ll go and see the film now…



Of course I will. I’m planning a Potter Party for it [yes, I am a geek]. Hope to see you there.

THE AMOUNT OF TIMES VOLD-DU-MORT goes ‘NYEEAHAHHHHHHHHH’ really makes me laugh though. As such, for your pleasure:

Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday, friday, got to get down on Friday.

Love and flove


ps. for those who love the cute, courtesy of me-me-me:

I did try and get THIS one, but embedding was disabled.



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