Lucid Dreams FTW .. No, I’d rather kill myself.

Hello, hilarity and Youtube videos aside, how are we all?

Today’s posts will be in two parts, firstly this one, which is about how I am today and how I had some awful lucid dreams [dreams where you think you’ve woken up BUT YOU HAAAVEN’T]. So:

I am VERY ILL. I don’t know why, but I woke up today feeling vomitous and with the onset of a migraine, which is a shame as I was supposed to meet Simon [who my mind always calls ‘Simón dice’ [Simon says in Spanish, though lol if you say Simon Dice as in a rolling die]]. Anyway, anyway, anyway – I went back to bed and proceeded to dream, firstly about the beautiful Island of Tortola, where my grand-aunt lives, and we sat on the beach and watched fireworks, some so big they went beyond the horizon [gotta love these kinds of dreams], secondly was about a guy I knew at school [though curiously, don’t have on facebook] and he came to my house and stayed over. Then, I woke up, and my housemate was back and she came in and opened my curtains and I told her that I had this awful headache and I had had a dream about my friend from school, and she was like “John, why have you written all over your curtains?” and I was of course like “I haven’t..” and then she showed me – and then said “and the wall as well!” and opposite my bed, on the wall where normally hangs this painting, was a load of scribbles, in an odd, round handwriting that was most unlike my own. And then I looked to the side of my bed and there the writing was again! My bedroom was covered in it and my housemate said to me, “you must have just got up and done it in your sleep,” which I knew I hadn’t, because the writing was so unlike my own [which has in the past been compared to Arabic]. Anyway we went into the living room and the curtains were shut [which is always a very bad omen in my dreams] and then I returned to my bedroom for my headache – and my bed had been pushed away from the wall into the middle of the room.

Considering I thought I was awake, this was pretty petrifying – there was someone in my flat! Someone who wanted to fuck wi my brain and write things on my wall and push my bed out and was probably hiding under the bed, so I grabbed my blackberry, ready to call the Police to report the intruder, when I realised the walls were not written on and I was actually awake. I was very distressed, so tweeted all about it.

THE END. On a lighter note, the paracetamols I had taken before falling back to sleep appeared to be kicking in, so I got dressed [again] and caught the bus to college to buy some things to paint with, as I’ve started a painting of my late grandmother, NanB, and needed some white paint..:The headache is still there vaguely, and I look like crap, and after I write this I’ll go home and sleep some more. Maybe watch Paul with the housemate [no that isn’t a hot guy in the flat opposites that we spy on]…



Hilarious cat eerily floats after girl running for her life.



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