Finalised Chapters!

Hello everyone! So today I wasn’t sure what to write – so I thought I had better do some work on the Smeagle book. It’s going very well and the people who have seen it so far have said some very constructive things about it so I’m feeling really positive. If you’re interested, I reckon I have finalised the Chapter titles, which are as follows:

Prologue: Das Haus der Katzen

  1. Eden’s Ivory Tower
  2. Riverview Grove
  3. The Moon
  4. The Fire
  5. Nana
  6. Inbetween
  7. Dill Pickle
  8. The Mews
  9. The Cat Whisperer
  10. Betrayal
  11. The Supper in Dansford
  12. Castle Circus
  13. Death at the Ivory Tower
  14. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  15. The Fall
  16. After the Storm

Epilogue: Das Haus der Cate

So that’s that. I’ve combined some of the previous titles and have taken some out.
On a more hilarious note, I am watching ugly and fat people on Jeremy Kyle. For those of you who are unaware of who Jeremy Kyle is, think British Springer but with more ‘attitude’. Obviously I should be writing. I could be drawing, but I’m in a real non-drawing phase at the moment. I did draw a very petrifying picture of one of the main characters of the Smeagle story – Letitia Baron – yesterday.
Aha – bear with me I took a picture of it from my Blackberry, and have emailed to myseeeelf… Oh why is the font so small all of a sudden?!
Ahaaa… Think this should work:
Hoorayyy ! Ew doesn’t she look creepy?! She’s just chopped all her hair off, gutting. You’ll understand why when you read.
Anyway – best be off to actually continue writing. NO JEREMY KYLE, GET AWAY FROM ME !

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