The Age of Glory/ Hope

Hello my dear sweet little monsters (to borrow the phrase from Lady G’gaa)

I just stumbled across this video, which made me very happy.

I am currently using Google Chrome, YESSS win.

So – the Chrome adverts do seem to exemplify something about modern society in a way that technology is helping us: it’s bringing about a much larger and more all-encompassing version of love, hope and glory than we have ever had before [or so I can recall, having lived for hundreds of years]. I reckon rather than the Enlightenment or the Age of Romanticism, today, in the future, shall be looked back upon as the Age of Hope/Glory or something.

And that’s a good thing, no?

As much as we are doing good via this technology there is a small part of my head that worries about things that worry everyone else, like war, like Africa, like the homeless – so where do these massive ethical dilemmas fit into this new world of Glory? Those Bad Kids who go to war, those who are starving in third world countries were Born that Way weren’t they Honey Bee??

It’s a little worrying. I don’t think it’s going to get worse though, I knew this from the moment Obama was elected. Everything’s changing – and I think it’s getting better. For the Good. See below [never fails to make me cry, and reminds me always of my dear bezzie Lucy: make sure this is played at my funeral; this one’s quality isn’t great, for sound only see here]



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