Sneaky in Suburbia

Which will, one day, be a chapter title in the Oxford book. For now though, it can remain the title of a blog. This is due to one of my obsessions: namely, American Suburbia. Things like Desperate Housewives, American Beauty, and the Lovely Bones, all depict this way of living – which I would love to live like one day. It’s enough urban and rural for my liking, having grown up IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and now living in the CITY.

I don’t quiiite know why I am obsessed so much. The title is inspired from a line in Imogen Heap’s song ‘Aha!’ which goes thus:

Golden boy boots, pocket pedestal, picking sharp smart moves, plastic-tin-can-paper-recycle-clever busy bee rave wave SAVE the planet flag – BUT SNEAKY IN SUBURBIA. Aha! Candid camera! Hook-line-and-sinker for the four-wheel drive! Cost you to keep me quiet 😉

And it’s about, basically, people who say one thing and then go and do another. D’you reckon that people are like that? Obviously there is some virtue in having integrity and sticking with your guns and standing your ground if you are going to have a particular value and stand by it.

Integrity, in particalaar, has been an interest of mine for some time, just because it fits so well in with how life goes – how time moves – how we grow. It allows for us to become something, to change, to develop, and to become more of what we are anyway. If we stand our ground with our moral decision making, that is. Obviously if you have NO integrity, and are a flaky twat, then you can hardly grow in it – but integrity takes time.

Am I being preachy? Or ranting too much? Let me know what you think! And all too often do people NOT respond, I feel my attempts at getting others involved are futile. How can I get you involved? I think it’d be better if this was funner to read, if I actually put my links in and things like I did when I started, but as I’ve said, I have shitty innernet at home and as such can’t be bothered to constantly be finding HILARIOUS LINKS. Or pictures:

I am watching American Beauty currently, and it’s the very end. I think I ought to do a blog on death at some point too, as of course it is a crucial part of life, beauty, and love. I was given a book by a friend called Love’s Knowledge by Martha Nussbaum (aka Wata Nuss Bum) (who I love, she’s one of the hotter philosophers) which I’m planning on reading very quickly. I’ll put some blogs up if anything interesting comes up!

On a lighter note, I went to the Heythrop Summer Ball on Saturday, it was a very fun night, I wore my beautiful AllSaints dress and suitable extensions of black and blonde, making me look like Narcissa Malfoy crossed with Amy Winehouse. I reckon I should grow my hair long and actually dye it this way, I really liked it.

NEWAY (said, knee-way), changed the entire first chapter of the Smeagle book and read it to my sister, who praised it (as obviously a sister would, but then again, she LOVES playing Devil’s Advocate so if it was shit, she’d have told me) and really excited about writing more.

For now though, I must go and visit my friend Jasmin and prepare things for next year’s Heythrop Students’ Union. See you around!


lol, see you around. As if I’m a New Dane. (American)

[Me at the Ball]



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