“Talk about me, just talk about me”

No, Stevie McMegagay, I shall not.

Instead, I shall give you a little insight into love and judgement, as best I can.

So basically, as I was just reminded by the above, [Steve McQueer] I fall in love, a lot .

I tried explaining this to my old Love, Sex, Death and God lecturer Fiona Ellis whilst taking the subject, but we came to the conclusion that it was at best a lust or vague fantasy. Which gets me thinking – how will I know when I’m really in love?

I am in all honesty trying to be serious about this, I really am! But men on the bus, men on the tube, men in the cinema who smell nice, I LOVE THEM ALL. I am obviously being a little bit over-exaggerative [if that is not a word, it is now] but what is clear is that within love – there are a number of criteria that are involved in love that are also involved in places elsewhere in life, such as passion, intimacy, commitment, longing, desire etc. So how, when these phenomena occur, can we actively identify if the feeling we are feeling is love at all?!

How rather irri-tahting. I will do a response to this particular note [again, I’m keeping it short and sweet, and apologies for lack of links] soon, but for now – what do you think?

We cannot deny love is a fantastic phenomena. I think you know when it hits you – at least those first throes of it, which may indeed be based in desire.

In the Deus Caritas Est, Benedict XVI [yes, we know he’s the devil incarnate but this work is actually pretty insightful] says: “In the gradual unfolding of this encounter, it is clearly revealed that love is not merely a sentiment. Sentiments come and go. A sentiment can be a marvellous first spark, but it is not the fullness of love.

Do let me know what you think. In the meantime, I have bought, for an annoyingly lot amount of money, Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way . I am thoroughly enjoying it.



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