Cheers Froque-Monsieurs

After totting up the number of clicks I received on the below dresses, I decided upon the favourite, called ‘my atchool fave doe‘ – a lovely all saints dress with a deep magpie sheen. It appears that I got the last one! 😀

Thanks everyone who took a look, I think a total of eight people! Otherwise, the other 8 dresses (omg the number eight again – how spooky) are very heavy recommendations ! Most have a high neckline due to my lack of breasts (ok mild lack) and love of my own legs. When I’m old and fat, like my nan, I will likely be a ball on sticks as well. A toffee apple . Killer pins, but almost entirely spherical.

Love xXx

Ps – what you think about the hair I’ll adopt? Lemme know! Comment and shit. xL-O-V-Ex

Pps – and for your entertainment, NanLou without teeth, and a very, very young Coram:


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