Belief and Unbelief can piss off.

Good Afternoon, and again I am PROCRASTINATING.

But I am supposed to be revising for my Belief and Unbelief exam tomorrow, and I really could not care less about the concepts of belief or unbelief, if that’s even an adequate word. Well obviously I am mildly interested, for instance why and how people believe (you know, the psychology of it, why people behave in religious ways et cetera).

However, the question, as posed so often by our lecturers, is ‘How is it that in 1500, atheism was unjustified whereas nowadays it is a perfectly rational and plausible way of life?’

Well, easy answer:

Nowadays, people aren’t being killed and or excommunicated for believing not what the majority believes.

That is it. That’s the answer. The real question ought to have been:

How are we to understand the nature of our capacity to believe?

Which was touched upon a little more by Terry Walsh, admittedly, but the entire module would be a hell of a lot more interesting and in that way, we might be able to come to some conclusions about the phenomenon of belief.

As it is, the entire module was poorly thrown at us; taught by Dr. Louis Caruana, Martin Poulsom SBD, Professor Terry Walsh and Dr. Anthony Carroll SJ, it was only Dr. Caruana who sparked fire into it. Allegedly the four are writing a book on the subject, which would be an interesting read, as all four of them were thoroughly enjoyable, and lovely individuals whom I enjoy pub-talking with regarding the subject. But in terms of a rigorous analysis, the classes were an utter joke.

Perhaps too much of it went way over this atheist’s head, and perhaps I am in terror for the exam tomorrow, due to the fact that I still could not care less, but rather than sit here and say ‘don’t take the module’ I’ll say take it – but make sure you get the work done, if it’s something you’re particularly passionate about. Gutting.

I was – but tbh I just prefer things a little more… Idk… Illuminating. I will never write another essay on anything regarding belief and unbelief after tomorrow. Apologies for the rant, but that is all it is.

C xXx


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