Utter Procrastination..

So it’s that time of year, and exams have come around. Being in my third and final undergraduate year, I find myself in the age old conundrum: do I actually revise and go to my exams prepared, or do I procrastinate, writing blogs and uploading pictures and linking you obscure music on youtube?

Obviously the latter, though hopefully it shouldn’t take too much time from my day, and it’s also only to send a link to this amusing site, to see pictures of some hilarious faces in HDR – a photography technique in which everything is lit with even lighting (forgive me I’m not too hot on it myself) by taking something like three pictures in different contrasts. The end result is rather hilarious and has sown some seeds for some future projects – but you’ll have to wait to see them come to fruition.

Due to it being again, that time of year, I’ll leave you with a very wonderful live version of the song ‘Just for Now’ by Imogen Heap, in which she sings in a round to wonderful effect.

What kind of things does one do, to stop them from actually getting down and working? Youtube, WordPress, Facebook, Knitting, Catching buses, Making tea, Watching the Lovely Bones over and over again.??



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