Welcoming and Greetings

Hello – ok so I have finished putting all my pitchas up (well that is a selection, there are many more, in various boxes, folders, on various floors and on top of various wardrobes across the world, that I am responsible for I’m sure) but they are done!

There are some projects that are unfinished (such as the LYRA book and the Coram’s Books – and these will be added to as and when I feel like it. So please do have a look at the above links – they take you to my individual galleries, and let me know what you think as well!

On a more disquieting note, I was in a queue to buy some lunch today when a man PUSHED IN . I was deeply distressed by this and probably should have said to him, “I expect you’re visiting a dying relative in hospital to be justified in being so rude,” or something similar, but alas, I remained silent and then walked out of the shop with my head held high. Then I dropped my bottle of coke, right onto the backpack of an American WHO WAS SITTING ON THE FLOOR of High Street Kensington tube station. Not alone, either – surrounded by many more of his kind, talking about how funny the English are with their bad teeth and odd accents, and how we shine their shoes and all know Daniel Radcliffe AND the Queen (or at best send them Christmas cards). – Sigh – what on earth was I supposed to be doing today..?

I submitted my dissertation under the title “To what extent, if any, are virtue and enchantment involved in our conception of love” and I’ll definitely put some of the questions up here in due course – notably:

  1. How are we to understand the nature of our capacity to love/ do our conceptions vary drastically or is there indeed such an encompassing thing as true love, properly so called?
  2. To what extent is illusion involved with love, and are we deluded when feeling those enchanting feelings that love gives us?
  3. Love is described as the supreme virtue but how are we to grow and flourish in love? Can there be a normative approach?
  4. What is to be said of Naturalism and the affect it might have on conceptions of abstract concepts? (ie, if we explain it, is it disenchanting?)
  5. How can friendship bring about a deeper and more complex understanding of love?

It was 8595 words long, 22 pages long (4 of which was bibliography, 2 cover sheets) and I am really pleased with it. Now I just have to wait until our results! And in the mean time, back to the revision and Long essay writing ..!

Hoping you are all well anyway. I’ll leave you with the following, a song that I LOVE walking down High Street Kensington to, passing all the Kensington mums pulling their children on their scooters (hello, aren’t they supposed to be easier than walking? WHY ARE YOU PULLING YOUR CHILD ON IT . your child will be obese .) but yeah – fun song . The music video is hilariously cheesy, I didn’t realise there was one. But I love Professor Green.

Oh, and for you enjoyment as well, the new video from Gaga – Judas – which I enjoy, and I like the whole JUDA-JU-DA-AH-AH etc, but really not sure if she’s got ‘it’ anymore.

“I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what’s it seems weird and scary to me… And it’ll happen to you, too.” – Abraham J. Simpson


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One Response to Welcoming and Greetings

  1. Kitty says:

    Bah, she’s just being sexy now. Very Xtina Aguilera-esque. And religious imagery? How novel!
    I still love her though, those nails are great and have given me some IDEAS….

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