I am just in the process of updating all of my art – putting up a portfolio of sorts.

At the moment I have a number of projects in the works,  so here is a quick run-down:

  • A Small Graphic Novel (of sorts) of Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy (only to satisfy my obsession with that series of books)
  • A small book about my cat, Smeagle.
  • I’m working on compiling some paintings of each member of my family so when I am old I can hang each one in the hallway of my house (I hear you cry that’s gotta be a pretty big hallway! – it will be).
  • Also, constantly in the works is a complete Marauder’s Map of Hogwarts Castle, accurate in terms of the books and the films, in green ink and capable of folding up! (This has, incidentally been one of my biggest artistic ambitions since the third Harry Potter film came out, and I am eager to create a marauder’s map that could actually be real; the prop in the films has a few chosen corridors but not the complexities that the map is described as having in the books!)
  • And obviously I’m still constantly drawing nonsense. The only thing that worries me about drawing is that it really hits me in a phase of when I will draw loads and then not draw loads. But whatever is new I shall put up in new posts!

And I’ll definitely update again once all the portfolio on here is completed so BEAR WITH – in the mean time, I have become addicted to the Lovely Bones, after buying it from my dear knitting-obsessed friend Kitty (lol, Steve just asked me if she ever calls herself ‘Knitty Kitty’. Well YOU’D HAVE TO ASK HER STEVE.) But yes. Watched the film version of the Lovely Bones three times after reading the book, and I shall leave you with this rather bizarre part of the soundtrack:



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