That awkward first blog.

I feel very much as though I’m out to dinner with someone that I don’t really know that well, and it isn’t going so well either. And it’s the end of the night and we’re not too sure whether to kiss or not, I mean I’m easy, if I’m kissed I’ll – well, be kissed. If I like them, I’ll kiss back.

I think that perhaps a comparison could be drawn between you and I. I probably will like you (unless you’re one of these people who use the internet to anonymously shout to the world about the hilarious smallness of your dick) and I sort of hope you’ll enjoy this blog.

So I’m going to make it about a number of things (despite finding out to the contrary that blogs work better if focused on one subject) but first and foremost primarily my art, and secondly my interests in academia such as Philosophy, Religion and Ethics. I do however have a multitude of interests, so whatever given mood I happen to be in when I write will hopefully be interesting.

The name Coram’s Fields comes from a park in London (one incidentally, I have never been to) but I use the name Coram whilst writing (after a character from a book) so I thought it would be an appropriate name for this blog. Similarly, the Wretched Hollow is a phrase stolen from the musical ‘architect’ that is Imogen Heap in her song Wait it Out.

I’ll pop up some art in a bit. For now, take a look at the new music video by Imogen Heap called ‘Lifeline’, a song that’s sound seeds, lyrics and artwork were sourced by her fans. She will be creating her new album for two weeks every three months by fully integrating her fans in this way, which I think is a truly unique way of ‘doing’ music as it were.

The piece was primarily inspired by the birth of her nephew (SO MANY BABIES WERE BORN SO FAR THIS YEAR) and a picture she saw of a man riding a bicycle for his life with a tsunami behind him, during the news coverage of the 2011 earthquake.

C xXx


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